UTEC Logistics

Delivery of goods and consolidated freight from Europe

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Tariff advantages


Compensation for delay

– from the first day: 0.5% of delivery cost for each day of delay
– from the third day: 1% of delivery cost for each day of delay


The cost of delivery makes up min. 0.89*$/kg.

Due to high volumes we can offer a low cost of freight handling.


Delivery within 10 days

Due to established business relations with automobile and air carriers, we deliver the freight within the shortest possible time.


Delivery of any complexity

We perform freight pickup and delivery of any complexity from anywhere in Europe.


“Turn-key” delivery

Complex follow-up support of freight from manufacturer’s warehouse to customer’s warehouse, execution of all necessary documentation.


Freight insurance

100% coverage of freight insurance value. We guarantee safety of your goods


Free consolidation

We offer free services for storage and consolidation of freight in European warehouses


Service “Financial Assistant”

We perform financial settlements with contracting parties in any European country.

*You can check the terms of tariff with the manager.

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